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Supreme Court

Justice Recommendation Results
 Daniels, Charles W.
 Maes, Petra

Court of Appeals

Judge Recommendation Results
 Bustamante, Michael D.
 Castillo, Celia Foy

District Court

Judges not evaluated this year.*

Metropolitan Court (Bernalillo County)

Judge Recommendation Results
 Allred, Rosie Lascano
 Altwies, Julie N.
 Benavidez, Edward L.
 Chavez, Benjamin
 Clinton, Sandra J.
 Dominguez, M. I.
 Engel, Sandra
 Fitzwater, Kevin L.
 Jaramillo, Cristina T.
 Nakamura, Judith K.
 Ramczyk, Daniel E.
 Rogers, Linda S.
 Sedillo, Frank A.
 Valdez, Victor E.
 Walker Al-Yasi, Rachel Irene
 Walton, Sharon D.


* Not all judges stand for retention in every election. Supreme Court justices and NM Court of Appeals judges stand for retention when their staggered terms expire. In 2021, the New Mexico Legislature passed a law changing the terms of evaluation for District Court and Metropolitan Court judges. For information on these changes, see the IMPORTANT NOTICE TO VOTERS on the home page of this website.

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