Overall Factors

The JPEC evaluates judges using an objective, carefully-monitored process. Evaluations are based on performance in four (4) main areas:

Legal Ability

  • Understanding of the substantive law and relevant rules of procedure and evidence

  • Awareness and attentiveness to the factual and legal issues before the court

  • Proper application of statutes, judicial precedents, and other appropriate sources of legal authority


  • Avoiding impropriety or the appearance of impropriety

  • Displaying fairness and impartiality toward all parties

  • Avoiding ex parte communications (communications where all parties in a court case are not present)

Communication Skills

  • Clearly explaining all oral decisions

  • Issuing clear written orders and/or opinions

  • For trial judges, clearly explaining relevant information to the jury

Preparation, Attentiveness, Temperament, and Control over Proceedings

  • Being prepared for all hearings and/or trials

  • Using court time efficiently

  • Issuing opinions or orders without unnecessary delay

  • Effective courtroom management

  • Effective overall case management

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