Final Recommendation

Judith K. Nakamura
The Honorable

Judith K. Nakamura

Metropolitan Court Judge
Bernalillo County

Year: 2002

Recommendation: Retain

Election Results: Retained

Evaluation: Judge Nakamura received excellent results from all groups surveyed for this evaluation. In addition to high ratings for her overall judicial performance, the judge was also rated highly for her dignified manner in the courtroom, her courteous and equitable treatment of all participants, and her attentiveness and punctuality in proceedings. She is well-respected for her ability to handle a heavy caseload while participating in extra activities. She recently spearheaded a project which will allow police to assign a trial date at the time they issue a citation, thus saving the citizen a trip to the courthouse. Judge Nakamura has maintained or improved upon the high ratings received in her prior evaluation; this evaluation indicates no specific areas of weakness. The judge is committed to the ongoing improvement of her performance, however, and is currently focusing on improving the efficiency with which she handles her heavy caseload.

Experience & Education: Judge Nakamura has served on the Metropolitan Court bench since 1998. Prior to her election, she was employed as an Assistant Commissioner with the State Land Office and worked in private practice. The judge is currently active in several community and professional organizations. Both her undergraduate and law degrees were obtained from the University of New Mexico.


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