Final Recommendation

Theresa M. Baca
The Honorable

Theresa M. Baca

District Court Judge
2nd Judicial District --
Bernalillo County

Year: 2002

Recommendation: Retain

Election Results: Retained

Evaluation: Judge Baca received satisfactory ratings from all populations surveyed for this evaluation. She received positive scores for her avoidance of prohibited ex-parte contact, her receptiveness to alternative resolutions, her attentiveness and punctuality in the proceedings and her maintenance of proper control over the courtroom. The evaluation also revealed some areas in which the judge needs to make improvements, however, her current evaluation reveals improvement over her previous evaluation. She has made a sincere effort to improve, even seeking the assistance of other professionals to do so and has indicated a willingness to continue her efforts in this regard.

Experience & Education: Judge Baca served as a judge in the Metropolitan Court from 1985 until 1993, when she attained her current position in the Second Judicial District. She is a member of the New Mexico Bar Association, the Hispanic Bar Association, the Albuquerque Bar Association, Kiwanis, the League of Women Voters, the Hispanic Women's Council, and the New Mexico Women's Bar. Judge Baca is a graduate of St. John's College in Santa Fe and the University of Pennsylvania Law School.


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