Final Recommendation

Jane B. Yohalem
The Honorable

Jane B. Yohalem

Court of Appeals Judge

Year: 2022

Recommendation: Insufficient Time To Evaluate

Election Results: Retained

Evaluation: JPEC could not conduct an evaluation and make a recommendation to voters because of the time frame of the evaluation, the rules governing JPEC's evaluation process, and New Mexico legislation on judicial retention terms. This is no reflection on Judge Yohalem’s performance.

Experience & Education: Judge Jane B. Yohalem was elected a New Mexico Court of Appeals judge in November 2020. She received her undergraduate degree from Yale University in 1972, her law degree in 1975 from Columbia University, and a master of laws degree from Georgetown Law Center in 1976. Before joining the Court, Judge Yohalem represented New Mexicans in the appellate courts, serving as counsel in more than 400 appeals. Judge Yohalem also served as a hearing officer in cases involving the education of children with disabilities.

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