Final Recommendation

Petra  Maes
The Honorable

Petra Maes

Supreme Court Justice

Year: 2002

Recommendation: Retain

Election Results: Retained

Evaluation: Justice Maes is an experienced and competent justice who has worked to improve her overall judicial performance. She received positive ratings in this evaluation. Respondents indicate that the justice displays a basic sense of fairness.The evaluation results indicate that Justice Maes needs to improve in the timely rendering of decisions and rulings and the supervision of her staff. The justice has shown improvement in her overall ratings and has implemented specific strategies to ensure that this trend continues.

Experience & Education: Justice Maes was elected to her current position in 1998. Prior to this she served as District Judge in the First Judicial District for 17 years, where she handled Children's Court cases, served in Family Court and in both the Criminal and Civil Divisions. The justice is a member of the American Bar Association, the National Hispanic Bar Association, the New Mexico Women's Bar Association, and Scribes, The American Society of Writers on Legal Subjects. She received both her undergraduate and law degrees from the University of New Mexico.


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