Final Recommendation

Mark  Macaron
The Honorable

Mark Macaron

District Court Judge
2nd Judicial District --
Bernalillo County

Year: 2002

Recommendation: Retain

Election Results: Retained

Evaluation: Judge Macaron received positive ratings from all the groups surveyed as part of this evaluation. He is rated highly in most areas, particularly demeanor, communication, fairness, efficiency, and overall performance. The judge has solicited the opinions of mentors within his district in an effort to improve his courtroom management and he offers his knowledge to his peers as well. He has recently moved from domestic relations to the criminal docket.This evaluation did not reveal any specific areas of weakness. He has maintained or improved upon the high ratings received as part of his previous evaluation. The judge has also shown improvement in his case-setting schedule, a goal he personally identified during his last evaluation.

Experience & Education: Judge Macaron received his B.S. from the University of Arizona and his law degree from George Mason University. He served as Metropolitan Judge in Bernalillo County for 10 years and has worked as District Judge in the county since 1997. The judge's volunteer activities include involvement in Little League, the Kiwanis Club, his church board, and the New Mexico High Schools' Mentorship Program.


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