Final Recommendation

Michael E, Vigil
The Honorable

Michael E, Vigil

District Court Judge
1st Judicial District --
Los Alamos, Rio Arriba, and Santa Fe Counties

Year: 2008

Recommendation: Retain

Election Results: Retained

Evaluation: Judge Michael Vigil received positive ratings from both attorneys and non-attorneys. For example, attorneys rated Judge Vigil positively for being courteous to all participants, treating self-represented litigants fairly, and for having a dignified demeanor. Court staff rated him very highly for respecting and cooperating with other judges, respecting all court employees, and for conducting himself in a manner free from impropriety. The resource staff (e.g. law enforcement officers, CASA volunteers, etc.) rated the judge highly for maintaining proper control over the courtroom, being courteous to all participants, and for discharging responsibilities diligently.

Experience & Education: Judge Michael Vigil has served as a District Court Judge since 1994. He presides primarily over criminal cases. Prior to becoming a judge he spent 17 years in private practice. He received his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of New Mexico.


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