Final Recommendation

Ross C. Sanchez
The Honorable

Ross C. Sanchez

District Court Judge
2nd Judicial District --
Bernalillo County

Year: 2008

Recommendation: Retain

Election Results: Retained

Evaluation: Judge Ross Sanchez' scores are generally positive. For example, attorneys rated him well for conducting himself in a proper manner, being courteous to all participants, and for being prompt in scheduling hearings and trials. The court staff gave him positive ratings for respecting and cooperating with other judges, and for respecting all court employees. The resource staff (e.g. law enforcement officers, probation officers, etc.) rated him well for discharging responsibilities diligently and for ruling on motions or cases in a timely manner. Judge Sanchez scored somewhat lower in his communication skills, which he acknowledges, and his ability to clearly state his decisions in a thorough and logical manner. He continues to work on raising these lower scores.

Experience & Education: Judge Sanchez was a Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court Judge from 1983 to 1985, was appointed to the District Bench in August of 1985 and elected in November of 1985. He has been a District Judge for 23 years and serves in the Criminal Division. He received a BA and Masters Degree from UNM. He received his Law Degree from Oklahoma City University in 1973. He is also an active member of the Hispanic Bar Association and the Albuquerque Bar Association.


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