Final Recommendation

Vidalia R. Quintero
The Honorable

Vidalia R. Quintero

District Court Judge
6th Judicial District --
Grant, Hidalgo, and Luna Counties

Year: 2008

Recommendation: Retain

Election Results: Retained

Evaluation: Judge Henry R. Quintero received mixed ratings among the populations that were surveyed. Attorneys rated him well for ruling in a timely manner, maintaining proper control over his courtroom, ability to quickly and decisively rule on procedural and substantive matters, and familiarity with cases through prior preparation. Court staff rated him well in all areas, including ensuring his personal staff is professional and for respecting all court employees regardless of their position. However, some of the scores given to Judge Quintero by the resource staff (e.g. law enforcement and probation officers) and attorneys were somewhat lower. Areas that indicated a need for improvement include displaying a basic sense of fairness and treating all participants equally. Judge Quintero has indicated that he is attempting to make improvements and has attended an educational course related to these areas of concern.

Experience & Education: Judge Henry R. Quintero was appointed to the District Court in 2003. He was elected at the 2004 General Election. He serves as the chief judge in the Sixth Judicial District. Prior to the election, he spent 21 years in private practice and one year as a New Mexico Appellate Attorney at the Public Defender Department. Judge Quintero is currently the Vice President of the New Mexico District Judges Association. He received his undergraduate degree from San Jose State University and his law degree (cum laude) from Gonzaga University.


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