Final Recommendation

Sandra A. Price
The Honorable

Sandra A. Price

District Court Judge
11th Judicial District --
McKinley and San Juan Counties

Year: 2008

Recommendation: Retain

Election Results: Retained

Evaluation: Judge Sandra A. Price received positive ratings among all groups surveyed.  Attorneys rated Judge Price well for discharging responsibilities diligently, treating self-represented litigants fairly, being courteous to all participants, and for having a dignified demeanor.  The court staff rated the judge highly for fairness, maintaining appropriate hours, and respecting all court employees.  In addition, the resource staff (e.g. law enforcement officers, CASA volunteers, etc.) rated Judge Price positively for being courteous to all participants, being attentive to the proceedings, and for conducting herself in a proper manner.

Experience & Education: Judge Sandra A. Price was elected to the District Court in 2004. She has served on the bench in the 11th Judicial District for four years.  She specializes in Children's Court and is a member of the Children's Law Section of the New Mexico Bar Association.  She received her Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctorate degrees from the University of New Mexico.


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