Final Recommendation

Jim T. Martin
The Honorable

Jim T. Martin

District Court Judge
3rd Judicial District --
Doña Ana County

Year: 2008

Recommendation: Retain

Election Results: Retained

Evaluation: Judge Martin received positive ratings from all of the population groups surveyed. For example, attorneys and resource staff (e.g. law enforcement and probation officers) rated the judge positively for discharging responsibilities diligently, being attentive to the proceedings, ruling on motions or cases in a timely manner, and for maintaining proper control over the proceedings. The court staff gave the judge high ratings on all of the attributes, including punctuality in commencing proceedings, fairness and impartiality, and respecting and cooperating with other judges. The judge has expressed a determination to continue to improve, and to maintain his overall judicial performance.

Experience & Education: Judge Martin was appointed to the bench in August 2005 and was elected to such position the following year. He is experienced in both Domestic Relations and Criminal Law. He hears domestic cases. Prior to his election as a District Judge, he served as an Assistant United States Attorney from 1991 to 2005. He received his undergraduate degree from New Mexico State University and his law degree from the University of New Mexico.


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